Smart®Band Compact

The new Smart® Band Compact 32mm Banding System combines the best features of both the Smart® Tie and the Smart® Band Hybrid systems to create a superior product. The Smart® Band compact reduces the size of the Hybrid buckle by over 60% allowing it to be installed on applications as low…

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Smart®Band Hybrid & Standard

The only genuine alternative to steel banding boasting strength, speed of fitting, safety and completely non corrosive features. A family of polymer banding in either 7mm, 10mm, 19mm or 32mm options, range of raw material, reel sizes and tooling. If you currently use steel banding in corrosive environments, a much safer, flexible…

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Smart® Tie

The strongest cable tie on the planet (over 1000kg!) The Smart Tie is not only incredibly tough, it takes a matter of seconds to fit, safe to handle (no sharp edges) and comes in different lengths and raw materials to meet the requirements of any application from downhole, subsea, onshore or industrial…

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Smart® Protector

The Smart® Protector is a patented product designed in conjunction with Shell. It is not only used as a cable protector downhole but can also be used to protect & attach cables in many other situations in conjunction with either the Smart® Band or Smart® Tie. One of the…

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Herbie Clip

Brilliant in its simplicity, the Herbie Clip is the only “double jaw” ratchet clamp with teeth that pull inward under load resulting in an extremely robust hose clamp. An ideal alternative to metal worm-drive or spring clamps, particularly in corrosive environments, the Herbie Clip…

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  • High Performance
  • Weather Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Ultra Strong
  • Long Life Sub Sea

We also have a range of Smart® Installation Tools.
Suitable for the installation of Smart® Band and Smart® Ties.

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