About Us

Upside Enterprises was established in Perth in 1998 as the Australian Distributor of the innovative range of products manufactured by the UK based, HCL Fasteners Limited. Since our humble beginning with just a single range of products (Herbie Clip), Upside Enterprises has grown to become a significant supplier of clamping solutions for several markets like subsea, marine, downhole, offshore and onshore. Our Patented range of unique products have steadily cemented themselves in the Australian market due to their reliability, long term performance and significant advantages over alternative products.

One of the prime reasons our products continue to gain favour is because they are 100% non-corrosive. It is estimated that Australia spends up to 5% of its GDP combatting corrosion. The niche market Upside services is anywhere a metal clamp or steel strap is being used and corrosion is an issue. The benefits of using a product that will never rust, right from the start of a project, not only makes sense but could save you substantial time and heartache in the long run. New technology means that polymer based products are preferred and not only because they are non-corrosive, they are also safe to fit (no sharp edges), resistant to most chemicals and gases, lightweight, fire rated, reusable and recyclable. A choice of premium engineering polymers means we can meet almost any application specification.

Upside prides itself on dealing with all our customers in an ethical, honest and friendly manner. We are committed to reliable and efficient service. Upside welcomes your interest in our products and would be delighted to send you samples of products you might want a closer look at. Please check out our website which contains a heap of great information like Technical Data, Track Record, Installation Videos and more so don’t hesitate to sing out if you have any questions.