Herbie Clip

  • 43 sizes ranging from 5.6mm  to 120+mm
  • Non corrosive and no moving parts – preventing seizure or jamming
  • Fire resistance – Nylon 6.6. is also HB-V2 rated – Self Extinguishing
  • Lightweight – up to 60% lighter than alternative metal solutions
  • Temperature resistance ranging from -40°C  to +170°C
  • Minimum leak path – almost fully formed circle
  • Can resist pressures of up to 200 psi (14bar)

Brilliant in its simplicity, the Herbie Clip is the only “double jaw” ratchet clamp with teeth that pull inward under load resulting in an extremely robust hose clamp. An ideal alternative to metal worm-drive or spring clamps, particularly in corrosive environments, the Herbie Clip is used in the millions around the world for applications like OEM’s, agricultural equipment, irrigation, spas, plumbing, automotive and more.