Smart®Band Hybrid & Standard

  • Low Profile Buckle
  • High Strength up to 2550kgf
  • Long Life Subsea
  • Glass fiber cords running through band
  • High Speed Installation
  • Cut to Length For Any Size
  • High Retention Force – Above 918 kgf

The only genuine alternative to steel banding boasting strength, speed of fitting, safety and completely non corrosive features. A family of polymer banding in either 7mm, 10mm, 19mm or 32mm options, range of raw material, reel sizes and tooling. If you currently use steel banding in corrosive environments, a much safer, flexible, robust non metallic banding system is available. 

Smart ® Band system is typically used as an alternative to high grade corrosion resistant alloy strapping solutions such as Inconel 625, Monel & Titanium. The Smart ® Band system combines a number of excellent qualities such as its high strength, ease of use, high retention and relaxation properties and its long life, to provide the ideal strapping solution for offshore & subsea use.

Smart ® Band Hybrid is HCL’s premium high strength composite polymer based band and buckle system. With a range of installation tools including the high speed 3000 pneumatic tool the Smart ® Band Hybrid is the ideal solution for many offshore & subsea applications including pile wrap protection, cable/sensor attachment, VIV Strakes and piggyback line installation to name a few.

Smart ® Band Hybrid | Low Profile Buckle to avoid snagging subsea | High Break strength up to 2551kgf | choice of long life materials PA11 or PA12 for 30+ years life | safe and easy to fit – no sharp edges | High speed pneumatic tools available providing less than 5 seconds per strap fitting time | can be cut to length with buckles pre-attached for larger volume inquiries | Very high retention force above 918kgf