Smart®Band Compact

  • 250mm diameter
  • High Strength
  • High Retention
  • Long Life
  • Quick to Fit
  • Glass Fibre Reinforced Yarn

The new Smart® Band Compact 32mm Banding System combines the best features of both the Smart® Tie and the Smart® Band Hybrid systems to create a superior product. The Smart® Band compact reduces the size of the Hybrid buckle by over 60% allowing it to be installed on applications as low as 250mm in diameter.

Yet unlike the Smart® Tie it contains glass fibre reinforced yarn allowing it to maintain the superior strength, retention and relaxation features of the Hybrid system.

Furthermore the innovative technology of over-moulding the buckle directly onto the band has actually produced an increase in the strength and retention of the Compact system. As such the Compact system is now perfectly placed to provide a High Strength, High Retention, Long Life and “quick to fit” strapping method for all major subsea applications including VIV Strake attachment on risers down to 250mm diameter.